Discovering Serbia – Eastern Europe

Why Serbia? Is it Serbia or Siberia? Are they not racist? Why would any black person go to Serbia? Is the war still going on? These are just a few of the numerous questions I was asked by my family […]

Adventure in Rwanda

The Guardian’s Gorilla Village, the Kwita Izina and a hike up Mt. Bisoke. After a long hiking day…my amazing boots deserve all the recognition one can give them. Way to go boots!!! Chilling with these amazing, hardworking rangers at the […]

Rwanda’s Canopy Walk at Nyungwe Forest

The evening bus ride to Kigali from Kampala was rather long, the immigration officials and policemen at the Katuna border point were quite strict. They thoroughly checked through passengers’ luggage and confiscated plastic bags as they are prohibited in Rwanda. […]

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo

The bus ride from Kampala to Gisenyi was rather long and hectic, the Congolese lady seated in front of me was giving me such a hard time with her seat. She kept on pushing it backwards with no consideration for […]


  We finally saw Meghan’s red pickup truck down the dusty Nyanza road and watched as she excitedly waved and gestured to us from a distance to drive after her, seeing her was a massive sigh of relief for peter […]


  I felt my heart sink as soon as I read the story that was circulating on social media from the Minister of State for Ethics & Integrity, Rev Father Simon Lokodo that read “I have received credible information from […]


Just as soon as I was done with wearing my boots and ready to head out to the Wagagai Peak (the summit of Mt.Elgon), which stands at 4,321m; it dawned on me that this was going to be my 8th […]