Behind the scenes at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Sushi, an endangered shoebill stork excited me the most during the behind scenes tour at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. My designated zoo guide advised me to bow and shake my head as soon as the lovely bird came closer. […]

Discovering Serbia – Eastern Europe

Why Serbia? Is it Serbia or Siberia? Are they not racist? Why would any black person go to Serbia? Is the war still going on? These are just a few of the numerous questions I was asked by my family […]

Adventure in Rwanda

The Guardian’s Gorilla Village, the Kwita Izina and a hike up Mt. Bisoke. After a long hiking day…my amazing boots deserve all the recognition one can give them. Way to go boots!!! Chilling with these amazing, hardworking rangers at the […]

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Just like an onion, I have many layers. I like to believe that I am intelligent, creative, naturally very balanced and I carry a strong sense of pride in everything  I do. I have a curious, investigative mind that needs to be constantly challenged. I am very self-expressive, aggressive and not afraid to take calculated risks in my life, career and travels. However, my deepest, strongest layer is my unquenchable thirst for adventure, which I hope you will all enjoy reading…………..